Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Workout Room Shoulder Press; Dumb Bells

This was shot in the mirror so Pat could get a longer shot for the benefit of the audience. This was you can see the form: I get my feet shoulder width apart, the hips back, the ribcage high. I am using 40 lb weights, though on ambitious days I go higher and on light days I go lighter.

Hoist your weights so they are just above your shoulders - get your legs and hips in place to make you the right foundation - good and strong. Then, using the weight that is right for YOU, make goal posts with your arms.

Sometimes you will see people doing shoulder presses where the weights come together over their head (sometimes the weights touch and make a little clicking noise). I have been taught to not do presses this way. If you will press straight up (like I said, think GOAL POST), you will find this an extremely powerful exercise for strenthening and building up your shoulders.

I shoot for 15 to 25 reps 3 sets


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