Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Picture Down The Hall: The Tony Awards Album 15

There came a time when the Tonys had to leave Two-A. You see, they were only under my care for a short while; when that time came to an end, they had to go where they belonged. We really did have the most fun having them as a part of our little family. They brought such a lovely energy, such an elegance, to our home. They were loved by all our friends and family. They were revered and respected and their presence in our home kept the memory and the legacy of the artist who won them - all six of them - alive. It was a festive, a whimsical, time in all our lives. All of us had the most fun creating this series of photos together. So when the time came to say goodbye, we had a little farewell party to make sure that everyone had had their chance to be photographed with them. These are those photos.At the top, Dennis and Vince demonstrate the proper emotion for winning a Tony. Above, Dennis has a quieter moment with his Tony while, below, Vince waves to all the fans who bestowed his Tony on him.

Look! Dennis and Chris have his and his Tonys!

Tim, Jessica and Mallory demonstrate the way to win a Tony by showing us their comedy and tragedy faces.

Below, Chris gets a Tony just for his high kicks.

Richie balances out a double Tony win with a big grin...

The Nelsons accept their Tonys with reserved dignity and grace.

Liz and her Tony make a little night music together.

Josh reserves his emotions while accepting his Tony but Jonna is a little more demonstrative with hers.

Danielle and Lyman's Tonys only have eyes for each other but Aaron and his Tony are the eligible bachelors for the evening.


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