Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Picture Down The Hall: The Tony Awards Album 14

Welcome to the Boys Club! James shows us the proper way to welcome Tony home, while, above, David dreams about the Tonys - a lifelong passtime.

Tim and Tony(s) got so excited to be united that they both blushed a little.

T. shows us all what a little boy does with his Tony - spin it!

Tony and the Tonys take to Times Square (with three bodyguards, I might add).

Zack toasts his Tony.

Michael shows the Tonys what a balancing act it is, being a show biz agent.

Like many writers, Steve prefers the story be put forward, rather than the face.

Steve is at peace with his Tony.

Sean quietly shows off his Tonys.

No fanfare for Shane and his Tony. They like things calm.

Michael and Tony have similar senses of humour.

Mark and the Tonys just need a comfy chair and a back porch down south to be happy.


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