Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Journey Back - Day One; Part 2

It's twilight in New York City. Well, actually twilight happened about an hour or so ago ... but the point is that darkness has fallen on the city; and we are entering my diet danger zone.

Like the vampires, I eat at night.

I can go all day with a nibble of this or a swallow of that - usually it is an eggwhite based food item (when I am on my real-life food plan) or maybe a piece of chicken breast or a baked sweet potato. A protein shake. At night, though, I crave bread. And sugar. And dairy. If I had my way, I would eat muffins with milk and hit all the bases. That is exactly what got me into the trouble I am in these days. Christmas pastries and milk.

Of course, all those foods have been banished from two-a. Except for two bags of baking chocolate chips, a jar of JIF peanut butter and some white flour and white sugar that is on reserve for some cookies I have to bake for a birthday party on January 14th. In order to keep myself from consuming them, I have put them in one of our Christmas cookie tins and put it on top of the pantry, at the highest possible location (and hardest to reach location) in the house. To get to it, I would have to move shit around, maybe even get a ladder. And since I sleep eat, I want these things to be really hard to get to.

Yes, I said sleep eat.

Some people walk in their sleep. I walk in my sleep and eat while en route to wherever I am going.

On a famous occasion, Pat was entertaining a visiting Laura Wells in our apartment in Texas, during the holiday season. I had already gone to bed; but I burst into the living room, interrupting their conversation and began shoving chocolate chip cookies into my mouth, right out of the Christmas cookie tin. Miss Laura tried to talk to me but Pat pointed out that I was asleep. She was confused but, true enough, I was asleep. The next day Pat told me this story; it has been told and retold many times, often in front of Miss Laura, who backs the story up. I do not remember it at all.

This is why we stopped buying things like ice cream sandwiches and easily accessible food items - because we would awaken to find the wrappers on the floor in front of the fridge.

In recent years, all food in the house must be healthy and popable, so that if I sleep walk/eat, I won't do damage. If it is not healthy/popable, it is best that the food require preparation - that way I am safe.

Having chocolate chips and peanut butter in the house is a danger.

This morning, after posting my entry about my first workout back, I had an offer to go lift weight with Pat and Hunter. I took the invitation and, at 11:30, I was training the old way, for the first time in 3 months.


I didn't think I could do it; but I did. The weights weren't as heavy as they used to be - but they weren't that light either! I made it through 3 exercise circuits/3 sets/25 reps (for example - a chest exercise, a bicep exercise, an ab exercise - 25 reps of each, 3 sets). Together, we did some hard work, encouraging each other and working hard. It was just like the old days. And when I looked in the mirror as I did straight bar bicep curls, I noticed that they were still there: the Mosher arms. Thank God.

I admit that during our last circuit, in the 55 minute zone, I started to lose strength and form - so I lowered the weight. Do anything to get to the end. Whatever you do, just keep moving.

I was glowing, as we walked home.

And the afternoon consumption of food consisted of a slice of turkey meatloaf at noon, another at 2pm and a rutabaga sweet potato beet salad at 4:30. I don't know what the nutritional values are but I can say that the meatloaf was made with oats instead of breadcrumbs and eggwhites instead of eggs... and the butter for baking the root vegetables was all replaced of EV Olive Oil. And, of course, gallons of ice water, all day long.

I really do feel like something that used to be me.

Now. I JUST have to make it through the night without climbing.

( I found a story online about SRED - Sleep Related Eating Disorder):



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