Thursday, October 27, 2011

Staying Healthy with, Both, Eastern and Western Healing

As I throw myself back into a more hardcore health and fitness regimen (with regards to workouts), I have found it essential to also maintain my health with the help of my healers. I am, often, amazed at the things people will spend money on and the things that they won't. I am happy to spend money to stay healthy. Your health is the most important thing - without you, you have nothing else. You can't work or play or pay attention to your family or your life, if you are unhealthy. So I will do whatever it takes to stay that way.

I have a doctor. He has been my doctor for a long time and when I need actual medical attention, I see him. I also see him once a year for a physical. This is a good place to start -- a physical once a year and a doctor's office where you feel cared for, respected, comfortable and where you feel you can place your trust. My GP's office is Midtown Medical Associates and my personal doctor is Howard Scheiner. His fellow doctor is Kenneth Schaefer. I usually see Howard but there have been occasions when he has been out of the office and I have received equally caring treatment by Dr Schaeffer. They are more than just my doctors; they are my friends and I have many opportunities during the year to socialize with them, to my great good fortune. And if you are in need of a GP, I would not hesitate to recommend them. They also have a wonderful office staff who are friendly, caring and funny as heck.

The doctor I see more often, professionally, is Dr Jason Piken. The reason I see him more than the good gentlemen at Midtown Medical Associates is because he is my chiropractor. His office is INNATE CHIROPRACTIC ( -- or simply click on the title of this piece ) and I have been seeing Dr. Piken for so many years that I don't remember, really, how many years it has been. It's never been a secret that I have back pain - I've mentioned it in other stories I've written and it comes up, often, in my life. I don't let the pain define me and I know it is for a variety of reasons like: the amount of time I spend sitting at a computer, the degree to which I push myself when training, the amount of stress I hold in my neck and shoulders, etc. I also have joint troubles, tendonitis, intestinal issues (due to the changing extremity of my diet) and all the other medical matters that come up when you actually live your life. Dr. Piken is always there to see to the needs of my body that are less Western-medically based. Over the years I have sent any number of my friends to Dr. Piken and I am proud to say that most of them are still devoted patients of his, today (some have moved to other states, making an ongoing doctor - patient relationship difficult). Dr. Piken works with more than just chiropractic adjustments - his knowledge and talents go far beyond the scope of some of his fellow chiropractors (I have known a few); but the driving force behind his success is that he is a TRUE healer - he genuinely wants to help people, he sincerely wants to make the world a better place.) And his support team goes above and beyond the call, when it comes to running the office and making the patients feel like they are more than just a chart. The entire mood and feel of the office is one filled with warmth, caring, loving and healing energy. If you are in New York and seek health maintenance that will prevent your needing Western medicine that often, I cannot urge you, enough, to check out Innate Chiropractic. 'Like' their Facebook page for info and updates:!/pages/Innate-Chiropractic-of-Manhattan/177346785643785

Both these healing centers take insurance, naturally; but they are also affordable to the uninsured. I had, for years, some good insurance. When my husband left the advertising world, though, it was just a matter of time before the cobra on our insurance ran out - and when it did, I was sad, but not worried. I knew that my general health would never be threatened because I knew I would be able to afford both Innate Chiropractic and Midtown Medical Associates. I just prayed (A LOT) that I would have no medical matters that would require a visit to the hospital!

So far, I have been lucky.

In upcoming stories, I will be talking about dental health and massage therapy. Please check out those stories for recommendations on the good, the bad and the very ugly of those two areas of health and fitness.

Info on Midtown Medical Associates can be found at,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1119&bih=776&wrapid=tlif131972192114210&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=midtown+medical+nyc&fb=1&gl=us&hq=midtown+medical&hnear=0x89c24fa5d33f083b:0xc80b8f06e177fe62,New+York,+NY&cid=8685958276948832085


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