Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Journey Back - Day Two

The bad news: I did, indeed, climb up on top of my kitchen desk (which I keep covered with stuff, just to make this difficult) and pull down a tin filled with food so I could eat in the middle of the night.
The good news: I didn't go for the chocolate or the peanut butter. I ate some peanuts and some dried cranberries. True, they have carbs and sodium and all that stuff - but it ain't candy, so I was thrilled to wake up and discover that all I had done, damage wise, was about a half a cup of each.
I was so happy about it that I had a few more handfuls before the gym. Then again, after the gym. By then Pat was awake and he helped me polish them off, so they would be gone and a problem no more.
Here's the super bad news...
I consumed:
Trader Joe's Dried Cranberries
Calories 384
Total Fat 1.3 g
Cholestrol 0mg
Sodium 32mg
Carbohydrate 92g
Sugar 88g
Protein 0g
Trader Joe's Old Fashioned Blister Peanuts Salted
Calories 1080
Total Fat 96g
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 720mg
Carbohydrate 35g
Sugar 6g
Protein 48g
NOT ideal, I must say. And the more awful thing is that this is, essentially, what I have eaten today. That is how busy the day has been for me. But, now, I have the chance to have a healthy dinner and not worry about these food items being in the house anymore.
AND I made it to the gym twice today! I did a 6:30am back and shoulder workout with Hunter and went back at noon to do more back and shoulders with Pat ( it helps him to push himself when I am with him but it also helps me to hit some spots I missed in my earlier training session ). I also did 40 minutes of cardio on the eliptical machine. The music I used to push me through was Stephen Sondheim's FOLLIES -- I did a side-by-side comparison of performances from the original production (I have an audio bootleg of that production with the entire performances preserved, unlike on the cast album) and the performances from the current Broadway revival. I didn't do all the songs, only selected ones .. then I decided to move on to something with a more driving beat. So I went to Whitney Houston's I Didn't Know My Own Strength (Rafael Lelis Club Mix), Million Dollar Bill, For The Lovers, Fine (Rob Girellini Radio Edit), Kylie Minogue's Get Outta My Way, Deborah Cox's Beautiful U R (Bryan Reyes Private Big Room Radio Edit) and (my obsession) Naya Rivera and Amber Riley doing Rumour Has it/Someone Like You. I wrapped up my training with a 15 minute stretch; it makes all the difference.
I have to admit I'm a little sad that I wasn't able to stay strong and keep away from the salty carby food; but I am also really proud of myself for getting to the gym and getting that training done.
I feel better with every passing day.
And sore.


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