Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feed The Homos

Here's one that may make youse laugh, especially those who have lived in our place, hung out there or attended a party there...

So everyone knows that Pat was in Texas for the last week. Everyone knows that we are on a bulking up diet that requires maximum caloric intake, causing us to eat six times a day. So when he left, he left me with a fridge full of food... and the chances of some of it going bad were big.

I hate throwing food away. Hate it. It makes me sick to my stomach. Pat is the same way.

So I determined that, while Pat was away, I would not spend any money on food (it didn't hurt, making this decision, that the company for whom Pat and his boss freelance were ten days late paying them and that I had two photo shoots cancel on me, leaving us holding on to ALL our money in case of Pat's travel needs and/or emergencies). If I had a craving for a particular food item, it would have to wait until all the chicken, all the veggies, all the eggs, EVERYTHING in our place had been consumed...

Pat came home yesterday. Within about fifteen, thirty minutes, he said "I'm STARVING. Is there anything to eat?"

As he approached the fridge, I said "About that...."

He opened the fridge.


Water, capers, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, half an onion and a variety of liquid products.

"I guess not."

He must have been really, really, really hungry because within the hour (and I am not lying, even one little bit - it was within the HOUR)..

Hunger = Great motivator.


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