Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blow a Kiss Take a Bow

My God daughter (who isn't really my God Daughter; we just call her that - she feels like she is -- the truth of the matter she that she is the older sister of my real-life God daughter) is an actress. She is a teenager who sings like she should be on American Idol or on Broadway. She is the daughter of two accomplished actors, so, natch, she should have talent. She is very smart. She is very beautiful. I imagine she has a gift for acting (that is, saying lines and creating a character) - I wouldn't know, not having had the chance to see her perform. I have only had adult conversations with her and heard her sing.

I will GET to see her perform, though, soon.

I got a call yesterday that she will make her theatrical debut (in a play that is not created by a learning institution, but by a regular ol' theater) in a few months. The play is a musical for which she auditioned and got the part, all on her own, and she will be playing a precocious child who is looking out for the best interests of her (rather confused and kind of lost) single mother. The actress who is playing her mother is...

Her mother.

That's right, my dear and beloved girlfriend of over two decades is going to have a once in a lifetime experience creating art alongside her daughter. Can you imagine? What a thrill to get to work with your daughter, doing what you do; to work with your mother, learning her craft. I always wondered what that would be like -- the closest I ever came was working with my spouse and that was heaven enough.

When I got the call, I started to cry; and I had recently promised that I would never cry again. I couldn't help it, though.

This is news worth crying over.


Blogger jungle dream pagoda said...

Its been incredible!!!
Ofcourse I am cramming lines and songs so fast I can barely notice how incredible,but I do!! You will be so proud!

9:39 AM  

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