Thursday, December 28, 2006

After the Holidays

My girlfriend has a blog on blogger called Jungle Dream Pagoda. I actually don't know how to link it. I may try with this entry but it may fail miserably. It's a great blog, all about her trifting hobby, her beautiful family and home and her adventures as an actress (occasionally this comes up but MOSTLY the blog is about her home, her family, her hobbies). I read her once a week, at least. The holidays, though, kept me busy and today I got to go to her blog and catch up. One of her entries was a challenge:

Write a Christmas Haiku.

I never wrote a haiku before but I was willing to give it a try. This is a copy of the reply I gave her--the reason it is ending up here is because part of the challenge was to spread the challenge by posting it on my own blog.


My Christmas Haiku:

Christmas is over.
The decorations are down.
The spirit lives on.

It was a very soul searching holiday for me. I am excited and proud that I came through to the other side with lessons learned and great optimism. In certain ways, I am a different person today.

sidebar: Every year we name our Christmas tree. It is a tradition started by Brady Schwind, one of the years he spent Christmas with us. Over the years there have been Aldonza Gillian, Grizabella Marmelstein, Rubba Rubba Ruth (all named by Brady), Wilma Featherstone (named by Pat) and this year (seen above) we had Tallulah Toffelmeier (named by me). Aint' she purty?


Blogger jungle dream pagoda said...

Your tree is OH SO BEAUTIFUL !!! Love Tallulah,you know thats what your unofficial Goddaughter wanted to name your official Goddaughter,I loved it too but could not get over the whole Demi and Bruce got there 1st thing in the end ofcourse ,my name wins!That is one of the all-time best Christmas traditios I have ever heard.Naming your tree!!!Fabulous,we'd join in the fun but ours looks pretty much exactly the same every year. Love the Haiku,wait till you hear about my X-mas eve party and the most successful party game played by all!!!! Love you,tried to call yeasterday(or was it theday before?)My holiday fun finally ended last night,so great to have all the visiting relatives(that I truly had an amazing time with)on their way home!Today ,I shall work-out!!!

12:21 PM  

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