Saturday, December 23, 2006

I've Got No Secret

I'm so base.

I cannot help it; I just am. The best I can do is own it. I love looking at Daniel Craig coming up out of the ocean in CASINO ROYALE and I have photos of Matthew MaConaughey all over my fridge, to remind me to not eat and to work out. And I have the crush of the century on Dave Lieberman (he cannot, surely, eat all that rich food he cooks, for he looks very fit!).

But, as crushes go, it's much easier to have one on someone you know that (if you ever met in person) you might stand a chance with.

Billy Bean is famous to baseball fans and famous to homosexuals for coming out after achieving fame as a sports figure. He is in real estate and he is a motivational speaker. He is a charming panelist on the game show I'VE GOT A SECRET and he has the most delightful smile and dimples this side of Mario Lopez.

Whether onscreen or in a photograph, it's always the same. I see Billy Bean and I cannot breathe.

What's the name of that movie? Waiting to Exhale?

After I finish this blog and leave the other room, I will exhale...

please note that I did not do the photos seen above. I hope to, one day, get a photo shoot with Billy Bean but, as yet, it hasn't happened...


Blogger Timothy Hogan said...

Good God Girl! I'd do him....

6:38 PM  
Blogger Timothy Hogan said...

I won't lie Stephen. I came to your blog to look at his abs and psychically pants him. I am shameless. In Texas visiting relatives this week. Hoping to see the lovely Lisa-Gabrielle before my trip is over.

P.S. More Hunks!

5:48 PM  

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