Thursday, November 06, 2008

An Open Letter to Brooke Smith of Gray's Anatomy

I recently used my blog to send out a fan letter to Bernadette Peters. I liked the way it felt, so much, that I think I may use this device from time to time - either to share my passion for someone I admire with others who share my feelings or to (possibly, hopefully) have someone who knows the artist say "hey... have you seen this?"

This morning I want to shout out to Brooke Smith, the beautiful actress who gained fame as Catherine Martin in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. For years, she was the 'it rubs the lotion on its' skin' girl but those of us who actually watch actors and make note of their names and look for those names when choosing what movies to go to or when watching the guest credits on our tv shows, are the ones who have been excited when the name Brooke Smith turns up in those credits.

I was lucky enough to see Brooke Smith off Broadway in a play called SOME GIRL(S). DangNAB but the woman can act! She is so honest, so subtle, so in touch with what she is playing, where the emotion lies and how to get it all out to the audience that Pat and I sat in the second row of the Lucille Lortel marveling and appreciating that chance to see her live.

I've been having a wonderful time watching her during her time on GRAY'S ANATOMY and now I read that she has been written out of the show. Each report is different and each report is diplomatic ( the loveliest show of diplomacy came when the wonderful Patrick Dempsey had the uncomfortable task of commenting on Brooke's departure by reading a press release - provided by the network -on the Ellen DeGeneres show, bless his heart). I don't know why Ms Smith is leaving the hit show and I don't care. What I care about is that I will miss her. She has been stellar on the show and I was moved to tears while watching her "I am SO gay monologue" in last week's episode (sadly, my tivo farkled and I only got to see 15 minutes of the episode so I don't know what came after Callie and McSteamy hooked up in the hospital). Thanks be to God, though, I got to see that tearful admission from Doctor Hahn to the character formerly known as Callie O'Malley. It was acting at its' best.

Brooke Smith, wherever you are, here is one lover of actors who loves your work and will be watching for your next appearance, be it on tv, on film, on stage or anywhere else (hey, I buy books on tape for the right actor!). Thank you for brightening the show GRAY'S ANATOMY and so many other pieces that have been lucky enough to have you grace them with your gifts. Until we see you again, remember this: you are admired and revered. You are an artist with fans.

That's not nothing.

Take that with you as you go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen Vanya on 42nd Street directed by Louis Malle? That's when I first noticed her. She's pretty brilliant.

8:28 PM  

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