Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Star Lands In The Heavens

I will never forget the first time I saw Cyd Charisse. It was this scene from Singin' In The Rain. I was transfixed, magnetized, hypnotized and every other kind of fixed and ized you can be. I'd never seen anyone move like that - not even Gene or Fred, whose movies I had already seen. I mentioned to my dad about the woman in green in Singin' In The Rain and he told me:

"Cyd Charisse -- best legs in show business."

I always trusted my father's opinions and took them as fact.

He was right. Cyd Charisse had the best legs in show business; but it wasn't just how they looked that made them the best.

It was what she did with them (and every other muscle in her body, too) that made them the best.

The Broadway Melody number remains my favourite number in all those great old musicals. I never walk out of the room when it is on tv and I go see that movie whenever it is revived on the big screen.
I am still fixed and ized by Cyd Charisse.
It was the Dancing In the Dark number in The Bandwagon that made me want to be a dancer.
It was The Girl Hunt number in The Bandwagon that made me REALLY want to be a dancer (in fact, I copied that number, did my own sad but earnest attempt at recreating it for a High School Talent Show).
I saw Cyd Charisse live, once. They were doing GRAND HOTEL at Casa Manana - it has always been one of my favs.
Just like Cyd.
I got to say hello, backstage, afterward.
I kissed her hand.
I will always remember that night.
And I will always remember Cyd Charisse.


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