Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Picture Down the Hall -- The Jewels in the Crown 6

Some time ago I began a series of postings, showcasing my photography. After a few of these postings, I began a sub series of postings, showing a set of photos I did for a jewelry designer. Like a child who has spotted something shiny, I got distracted from that series and ceased posting the photos, of which I was and am very proud!

Today, I return to the self agrandizing task of showing off (not only) my work, (but also) my loved ones. You see, for this gig, I called upon my prettiest friends and family to pose for me.

The idea was to showcase the jewelry by putting it on models as unclothed as possible. Knowing my family to be a bunch of exhibitionists, I asked and they arrived, ready to disrobe.
In previous postings in this series, I have showed off AJ, Jonathan, Kaitlin, Grace, Laurelle, Peter, Rob, Michael, Jennifer and even myself.

Today I want to showcase the most beautiful face I have ever seen, ever photographed, ever gazed up into, ever loved.

My husband


Anonymous Pat Dwyer said...

You make me beautiful and more importantly you make me FEEL beautiful!

10:14 AM  

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